Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Dinner menu

This year, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day twice !!

Saturday, February 13th


Sunday, February 14th


By reservation only.

Limited seating with 50% capacity.

Seating options starting at 4pm. No entertainment.

A “Reservation & Confirmation” form must be completed (including the selection of menu items ) to validate the reservation. 

Please contact us by phone (754-206-4116), by email ([email protected]) or select “find contact us” tab to get the form.

The “Reservation & Confirmation” form will be emailed to you in return.

Thank you for your understanding !


A “I Love You” souvenir gift will be offered to each Guest at the end of their dinner…..


Menu options (per person)

Appetizer & Main Course : $68.00

Main Course & Dessert : $68.00

Appetizer, Main Course & Dessert : $86.00

                   No Sharing. 7% Tax and 20% service (not included) will be added to the final check.


Choice of Appetizers 

  • Duo d’Escargots:                             

Pairing of

Mille Feuilles d’Escargots  (homemade puff pastry filled with escargots & mushrooms seasoned with parsley, garlic and butter sauce)


Escargots au gratin (with mushrooms, artichoke bottom, spinach, Béchamel sauce. Topped with melted Swiss cheese)


  • Vol au Vent de la Mer

Homemade puff pastry shell filled with shrimps, mussels, mushrooms & Béchamel sauce.


  • Coeur de Tartare de Saumon

Heart shape of fresh salmon and smoked salmon Tartare on a bed of avocado, capers and shallots, flavored with our secret seasoning.


  • Velouté de Carottes et Oranges

Carrot & Orange velouté soup.

 Choice of Main Courses

  • Filet de Bœuf, Sauce Forestière.

Beef tenderloin topped with Portobello mushrooms on a bed of red wine and mushrooms reduction sauce. Served with French fries.


  • Navarin d’Agneau Printanier.

Traditional and delicious family French recipe of lamb stew (New Zealand) with fresh spring veggies. (A must !)


  • ½ Canard au poivre vert (1/2 duck, confit style, with green peppercorn sauce)

Served with potatoes “au gratin” and fresh veggies of the day.


  • Koulibiac de Saumon.

Pan seared salmon filet wrapped with mushrooms, spinach & dill and baked in homemade puff pastry on a bed of Burgundy wine reduction sauce. Served with rice.

 Choice of Desserts

  • Coeur de Mille-Feuilles aux Fraises (Strawberry Napoléon)

Homemade puff pastry (heart shape) filled with fresh strawberries, raspberry coulis & homemade whipped cream.


  • Gâteau Forêt Noire (Black Forest cake)

Chocolate sponge cake filled with cherries and whipped cream.


  • Crêpe Suzette

Thin and light crêpe, flavored with fresh orange sauce and flamed with Grand-Marnier liquor.